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Country Club Merrimac Chairs

Lake Geneva Country Club Receives 300 Stacking Country Club Chairs


A few weeks ago. we delivered hundreds of Merrimac chairs to the Lake Geneva Country Club. The club is located in southeastern Wisconsin. The club is famous for its oldest golf club in the Midwest that is still on its founding site. Interestingly, in 1895 at the turn of the century, the club established the course.  It is famous for hosting the annual Men’s Golf Invitational. The invitational is the oldest consecutive invitational in the United States that is specifically a match-play tournament. Its namesake city ranks as one of the best lake towns in North America.  Above all, the city is especially renowned for its notable mansions connected with Chicago elite.


Furthermore, this very traditional club needed new chairs for their 100-year-old clubhouse dining room. They wanted to replace former seating that needed an upgrade. For Lake Geneva’s board members, the ability to stack up to 8 chairs high was an essential highlight of the Merrimac model. With limited storage options, it’s Eustis Chair to the rescue! After the installation, the board warmly praised our chairs. The chair’s membership gave superb comfort. The Club’s main meals and special events showcase these chairs perfectly. Therefore, we customized the Merrimac to be light and easy to handle for their facilities staff. Its light durability makes it all the more desirable in dining rooms and halls throughout America. In conclusion, we are pleased with the chairs’ impact. We look forward to future installs in the Midwest.

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