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Prestigious Companies Start with Board Room Chairs

Your company needs better seating.


Imagine any corporate headquarters: glossy offices in towering skyscrapers or their own campus, all of which are made by the best international designers and architects. Every little detail needs to scream that this is important business, as is tantamount to the company values. Why let something like board room chairs slip through the cracks?


Several offices will host meetings with executives from all over the world in award-winning rooms but don’t have chairs that match the rest of the space, or chairs that sacrifice comfort for a certain look. If your visitors are unimpressed and physically uncomfortable, this upset easily bleeds into their perception of your company, affecting potential deals and contracts. When even the position of your seat in the boardroom matters, you know that the seat’s comfort also plays a larger role than you’d expect.


You want visitors to sink into their chairs, feeling right at home in your seating and, by extension, your company. You’re detail-oriented; you pay attention to absolutely everything; your focus pays off with a pleasant experience. These are all points you want to make clear, and the correct chairs will help you get there.


Our Top Picks for Board Room Chairs

While we have a variety of chair designs, not every design is a good fit for conference rooms. For example, those designs best suited for leisurely dining clubs do not have the aesthetic that matches corporate America. For that, you’d need seating with upholstered backs, in which your clients and employees can sit proudly. Our top recommendations would be:

council room chair


The Council Room


Even the name itself evokes great prominence, as fitting one of our top sellers. The Council Room has a deep seat at a depth of 24 inches and an eased sitting angle of 3 degrees, both specifically engineered to maximize relaxation. But don’t let its comfort fool you: this is seating meant for business, with a strength guaranteed to last under any strain for the next two decades at minimum. Talk about lasting impact – the Council Room literally brings more to the table.


The Bohemian


We originally designed the Bohemian for its namesake home: the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, arguably the most prestigious private club in the nation. To uphold their distinguished reputation, they came to us for seating that could match its history and inductees. This elegant chair timelessly retains its comfort, even after a long day of hard negotiations.

The State


For wood-paneled board rooms with tradition as its cornerstone, the State is a perfect choice. We show its armchair version here, carefully crafted to work well regardless of the sitter’s height. The natural warmth of hardwood brings ease to even the toughest executives, while its upholstery makes it a dream to sit in for hours at a time.

virginian club chair


The Virginian


This stackable chair represents one of our most comfortable examples of contemporary seating. Nowhere else will you find a better chair to withstand the rigors of daily business use. With clients as well-known as Fenway Park pleased with this chair, the Virginian receives a great deal of buzz; its narrow rails make it a desirable addition to conference rooms everywhere.

saint marks chair


The Saint Marks


For elegance and pure comfort, the Saint Marks is ready for your business setting. The steel rods and high-strength epoxy of our Eustis Joints® allowed us to remove the unsightly stretchers; we can do this without compromising the strength and durability of the chair.  As with all of our Eustis Joint® chairs, the owner can expect many decades of useful service life. Each Eustis Joint Chair comes with a 20-year warranty. 


More Information


At Eustis Chair we create hardwood board room chairs best tailored for your high-use space. Our line has a variety of models customized for certain architectural styles; we’re happy to walk you through the options tailored for your needs. Both traditional and contemporary style chairs have their place; there’s always more to discover for furniture to last a lifetime.


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