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Eustis Chair To Offer Trestle Tables

Trestle Tables 


For many years our customers have asked us if we could also provide tables, and we have always recommended them to one of several fine table manufacturers in New England. We have finally decided to meet the demand of our clients when they wish to buy their furniture from the same manufacturer. For 2019 we’re introducing a Eustis Chair line of tables, using our standards of endurance and artistry. The new trestle tables will meet the same standards of elegance and durability of our chairs; they will be built with the same level of craftsmanship and quality. We will also build them in the very same factory that builds our chairs here in America.


The photo above is a first prototype of the trestle-end for our line of Trestle Tables. We have finalized the design of this table and are currently building samples. We chose the trestle table line as our first because it’s the most common choice our college and school dining hall projects pair with our chairs. Besides its traditional elegance, trestle tables are also a popular choice for their multi-functionality. They work perfectly during both daily use and special events. With a history spanning back to medieval times, it’s a design that has been approved by centuries of builders. Partnering such a classic with our unbeatable seating was the clear path for our future.


After we have introduced the Trestle Tables, we will work on a line of tables with a very unique method of attaching the legs to the table bases: using our proprietary Eustis Joint® technology. These tables will be simple in design, and stronger than any other hardwood tables available today.


Interested in getting the first information on our new growth? Give us a call so we can give you the details at 978-827-3103.

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