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Bohemian Chairs for Sorority at University of Kentucky

With a beautiful new fraternity house opening in the fall, Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Kentucky sprung for Eustis Chair. AXO began in the late 1800s and is now present on almost two hundred campuses nationwide. Its chapter at the University of Kentucky hit the ground running in 2016 when plans for a chapter house began; this will culminate in a gorgeous campus location this fall, sure to be a great development. For the various events and day-to-day activities they enlisted PDR Interiors to choose comfortable, durable furniture for their new space.
As of this week, almost a hundred of our Bohemian sorority dining chairs now call Lexington home; they are ready to provide decades of intense service. The Bohemian stacking chair was originally created in conjunction with the Bohemian Club of San Francisco in 2011. In the seven years since, Bohemians have found their way into a plethora of banquet halls, dining spaces, and common areas throughout America. Its minimalist elegance makes its comfort all the more impressive; its stackability thanks to the Eustis Joint is hard to beat! Congratulations to Alpha Chi Omega for their campus chapter house. We feel honored to have a part in contributing to their new home.

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