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Boise Chairs Given New Role at Belmont Hill School

Wood chairs brighten any space they’re in, as Belmont Hill School can attest with our Boise model. We delivered several Boise chairs to the School in 2014 for use around Harkness tables in their academic center. Like most schools, Belmont Hill’s needs changed over the years. With larger class sizes and higher demands for space, they needed seating to accommodate both student dining and study functions. With their recent dining hall expansion, they also looked for attractive seating for the elevated glass enclosure. At the crossroads of aesthetic, functionality, and ultimate durability lies their Eustis Chairs. They have now been re-purposed for this expansion. 
Working with Windover Construction, the expansion took place in the summer of 2018 and was completed by the beginning of the new school year. Belmont Hill has followed in the footsteps of other Eustis Chair clients, such as the Harvard Business School, in re-purposing their seating. As schools add more years to their continuing histories, they can be sure that their seating will continue to last. Ever-evolving architectural styles will still match well with our timeless designs. The Boise chair particularly complements the contemporary elements of the expansion’s design, while also retaining a traditional flair in its wood material. With chairs that last a lifetime, we encourage schools to find the best use for them anywhere in their campus. Belmont Hill has done this with great success.

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