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Five Reasons to Choose Wood Chairs that Stack

Wood Chairs that Stack: Five Reasons to Choose Wood Chairs that Stack


Your facilities likely include rooms that must be rearranged for different events, which can seem a monumental task to perform again and again. You might also face difficulty when it comes time to deep clean the floor of your dining area, as juggling the seating around can cause a headache. Simply put, managers face a lot of stress on the job, and we try to help alleviate that in what ways we can. With our line of stacking hardwood chairs, you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance and warmth of wood for ease of convenience. Wood chairs that stack to the rescue!


Your staff would have an easier time with stacking wood chairs, while your patrons will remain delighted with comfortable and beautiful seating. No need to dismiss either desire! Here are the top five reasons why our clients spring for our stacking models:


Easy Rearrangement for New Seating Plans


For multi-use rooms and function spaces, getting to stack your chairs makes event planning a smooth transition from one event to the next. This is especially helpful when there’s a quick turnaround in between events, such as a morning conference before an afternoon party. We have included photos from a room at the Lawrenceville School to demonstrate this perfectly – moving seating becomes a simple matter instead of a complex one. 


Transporting and Moving Chairs


Multiple rooms will need different seating numbers, depending on the function, and a stack of chairs means moving multiple chairs in one go instead of one at a time. Our custom-made Transporters make it a breeze to move from one room to another, cutting down the time needed to prepare or clean up. Each stacking chair is made for easy handling, relieving managers and facilities of stressful room changes, as places like Washington University in St. Louis can attest.




Speaking of cleaning, the days of arduous cleaning are over with stacking wood chairs. Instead of flipping chairs onto the tables or taking up half the room with chairs, they can be stacked in a small amount of space and allow for easier, faster cleaning. The Westover School certainly puts this to use, earning their custodians’ approval for improved floor cleanup.




Some facilities would like to keep their wood chairs separate for select events, or when their events are seasonal, but have limited storage options. Stacked chairs still makes it possible to store chairs when not in use without needing a massive warehouse to do so. Lake Geneva Country Club takes advantage of this as a smaller facility, finding it a perfect choice.


Efficient Use of Space


All of the above culminates in getting the most out of your dining halls, community space, or club building. You’ll save time and energy while also maintaining incredible seating that will last a lifetime, even under the toughest conditions. Having chairs that live up to your institution’s prestige and your staff’s needs is completely possible with stacking wood chairs.


Curious for more? View our available line of stacking chairs here or contact us to learn about our customization capabilities.

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