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Bridgewater State Orders Phase-2 Library Chairs

Charleston Library Chairs

Maxwell Library is one of the libraries at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. It is often used by students for research and studying. Studying is an important part of the college experience. When students study, they want to be comfortable. For the ultimate comfort, there is no better choice than hardwood chairs. Hardwood chairs are great for back pain. No student wants to experience back pain while they are trying to learn new information. That would be a huge distraction. Luckily, our Eustis chairs are great for back pain. That means students are able to comfortably study longer. Indeed, more time in the library often produces the ultimate payoff: a college degree. Maxwell Library knew who to call for their renovation, Eustis Chair. They decided to order Charleston library chairs from Eustis Chair.     

Bridgewater State University ordered 80 more Charleston  library chairs for the second phase of their renovation of the Maxwell Library. Eustis Chair installed the 88 Phase-1 chairs last year. Since then, we have received rave reviews from students and faculty, and from library staff. It is no surprise to us that our library chairs surpass their expectations. Something they may not know is these chairs are sturdy as well. 

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