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canada hardwood stacking chairs

Canadian School Receives Chairs

Canada Hardwood Stacking Chairs

Established in 1911, Appleby College is a private secondary school in the Toronto area. Accordingly, Appleby College boasts an impressive list of alumni from around the world as well as Canada. The culture of the school encourages their graduates to succeed. (Which they do.) They have a school-wide focus on student emotional well-being. The school helps students find their passion. It is safe to say that Appleby College is an impressive boarding school. We are proud to call them our first International customers. They are the first school in Canada to order hardwood stacking chairs. 

Appleby College came across Eustis Chair’s unique hardwood stacking chairs on the internet. While Toronto is hardly a “foreign” country, this order for 36 Bartlett Hall arm chairs marks our first shipment outside of the United States. We had a great time making chairs for our neighbors to the North, and we look forward to working with them again. We are thrilled to have Eustis Chair products in another country. As we continue to grow, we can see working with many other Canadian schools and companies to meet all their hardwood chair needs. Contact us today if you have a project that may need chairs. 

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