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superior library chair

Smith College Superior Library Chair

Durable Library Chair

Smith College, located in Northampton, Massachusetts, has a beautiful campus. Additionally, the entire campus is a botanic garden. Accordingly, there are thousands of plants both indoors and outdoors on the campus! The campus offers one of the best on campus art museums in the country. According to their website, Smith College’s libraries “are the intellectual crossroads for the community.” That’s where Eustis Chair enters the picture. Fittingly, Eustis Chair makes durable library chairs in stacking and non-stacking versions.

Smith College needed a comfortable and durable library chair. They researched their options. Finally, they made the right call. Eustis Chair matched their 100 year-old tables in the Collacott reading room.

We made them a non-stacking version of our Monterey chair. The Monterey chair boasts a distinctive Spanish revival design. These design features were first spotted in the Monterey area of California. Now they are in Massachusetts as well! These chairs are made with our proprietary Eustis Joint®. Finally, the Smith chairs may even outlast those glorious library tables! We look forward to working with Smith College again for any future design projects they may have. We are able to match antique chairs and tables for your design project as well. 

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