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Captain Chairs at the University of Michigan

In 2017 the University of Michigan began working with us to create a Captain chair prototype to best fit their Law Library Reading Room. This reading room is a stunning neo-Gothic space with fifty foot vaulted ceilings, oak wainscoting, and over 350,000 volumes along its walls. Its stained-glass windows is one of its most unique attributes, which depicts the seals of notable colleges and universities worldwide. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its grandeur on Ann Arbor’s campus.
After putting on the finishing touches to the Captain design, we delivered the final shipment of Michigan’s 350 reading room chairs earlier this week. We began with the Captain chair in our own line as a guide and engineered it to become a close reproduction of UMichigan’s existing seating. A handful of the chairs in our line are antique reproductions, and we continue to be willing to reproduce other designs that are no longer made, or that have never been made for institutional use. Our team ensured that UMichigan was pleased with the progress every step of the way, resulting in truly exceptional seating for law students and visitors. With Eustis Joints in place to set the standard, these chairs are sure to stand the test of time in a truly timeless setting. 

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