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Centennial Hills Library

Featured Project: Centennial Hills Library

This month’s featured project is in the Centennial Hills Library in Nevada. We are so thrilled to have our signature Eustis Chairs in this beautiful Library in Clark County. Centennial Hills is a suburb of the Las Vegas Valley. This area has seen rapid growth since the 1990s. In fact, the population tripled between 1990 and 2018. The Las Vegas Valley area now has over 200 elementary schools, and over 50 middle and high schools for the growing population. This makes it the 5th largest school district in the US. 


While growth in this area hasn’t been around for too long, it has become a hub of everything ranging from international business to tourism on the Las Vegas strip. In fact, in 2014 over 40 million people visited the area. Additionally, this area is now known for being home to a variety of tech companies. 


The Centennial Hills Library Project 


The library is located in the Northwest portion of Las Vegas. The Centennial Hills Library was built in 2008. This project was completed in part to cater to the growing size of the community in the surround areas. This beautiful library is home to around 160,000 books. Librarian use a state of the art management system to manage books and media. Moreover, the library has a Gold LEED certification for environmental consciousness. Additionally, it also has amazing features such as a large 300 seat capacity, a homework help station, a story room, and a modern computer lab. 


Eustis Chair in The Centennial Hills Library 


We are extremely proud to have Eustis Chair products in such an incredible library. We worked with the team at JMA Architecture on this project. The design team decided on 96 of our signature Medford chairs in cherry wood. When looking at our products, the Clark Country librarian, Mr. Daniel Walters, loved the durability of our chairs. Moreover, the designers liked how the Medford has clean lines and fits in well to this modern space. 


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The Centennial Hills Library is just one of the many libraries we have worked with. Our chairs are great for high use spaces, like libraries, because of their comfort and durability. Check out some of our other public library installations here and our academic libraries here.

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