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School Chairs: Buying Guide

What qualities should you look for when purchasing school chairs?


If you’re looking for what type of chair best fits your school and your students’ needs, look no further.




Having stackable chairs in your classroom is a huge asset. Eustis Chairs stack 8-10 high and therefore massively reduce the space needed to store furniture. Stackable chairs also help with organization, keeping a room neat and tidy when no students are using it. Taking up less floor space is similarly a plus for the school’s cleaning crew, making their job easier when moping or sweeping up after everyone has gone home.  




Durable school chairs are a must, especially when dealing with high volumes of students who sit throughout the day. Thanks to our Eustis Joint, Eustis Chair products are the sturdiest and strongest on the market, with an unmatched 20-year warranty that speaks to their long-lasting nature.  




Hygiene is something all schools are concerned with. School chairs need to be able to be cleaned and sanitized in order to protect the health of our children. Here at Eustis Chair, our chairs are constructed from hardwoods. Wood also has a natural antibacterial effect that other materials don’t possess. 




Educating school children about environmentalism is essential to preserving our planet and keeping it green for generations to come. One way to do this is by showcasing sustainably produced furniture in the classroom. Eustis Chairs is dedicated to sustainable business practices, both in the materials we use and how we manufacture our chairs. Most importantly, our chairs being so long-lasting means they’re kept in use for decades. Therefore, they stay out of landfills that are filled to the brim with cheaper alternatives. 


Now that you’ve read about some of the qualities you should take into account when searching for school room chairs, it’s time to make the decision that’s best for you and your students. If interested in learning more about our chairs, please let us know and we’d be happy to help you choose the right ones for your space. 

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