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Chair Design: Cabriole Leg

When designing a wood chair, the leg is an important choice. Deciding between a straight or a curved leg can be a tough decision, but this seemingly small part of the chair design can heavily impact the overall appearance and style. One of the most unique and elegant chair legs is a cabriole leg, most well-known as a component of Queen Anne furniture. Eustis Chair has several chair designs that feature a cabriole leg. Let’s take a look.


The Queen Anne Chair

The first Eustis chair with a cabriole leg is the Queen Anne. This classic chair is inspired by the style of furniture popular in England during a period of the 18th century, named after a British monarch. As you can see, the front two legs of this chair are curved to mimic an animal’s hind legs. It comes with a 20-year warranty to guarantee durability. 


The Ballroom Chair

The second Eustis chair that’s designed with a cabriole leg is called the Ballroom. The leg design has the same curvilinear principle as the Queen Anne, but this stacking banquet chair has an unpierced splat and is perfect seating for any private club. Importantly, it also comes with a 20-year warranty against joint failure.


The River Oaks Chair

The third and final chair design that Eustis Chair makes with a cabriole leg is the River Oaks. This chair can be ordered with or without arms, allowing it to be customized to your space’s specific needs. Like the Ballroom, the River Oaks is a stacking chair that would look perfect in a banquet hall, dining hall, or private club. Like all the rest mentioned, this chair comes with our 20-year warranty to prevent you from having to replace your chairs in the near future.


If you’re interested in any of these chairs or in learning more about chair design, let us know!

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