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There are many reasons to shop stacking chairs. First of all, stacking chairs save space. For example, stacking chairs by Eustis Chair can stack up to 10 chairs high. This means it is easy to arrange and then re-arrange the design of your space.


Custom Chairs

Stacking chairs come in many styles. These range from traditional to modern, so they look great in many different spaces. Custom chair companies, like Eustis Chair, can make the chairs to perfectly match your space. Using custom fabrics and stains on wood chairs completely changes their aesthetic. Wood chairs can even be re-upholstered or re-stained a number of times throughout their long life to match current trends. 



Strength should be an important factor when shopping for stackable chairs. If a wood chair is manufactured with strong joints, it will be more durable in the long run. This is due to the fact that most chairs fail at their joints. Eustis Chair has revolutionized the durability and strength of hardwood chairs. This is thanks to the Eustis Joint, a proprietary joint that is the strongest on the market. 



Stacking chairs should come with at least a 10-year warranty against joint failure. This means the manufacturer will back their product for at least a decade after your purchase. Eustis Chair provides a 20-year warranty for any of our chairs that utilize the Eustis Joint. That is the longest warranty available! Warranties are important because you want to order chairs from a manufacturer that stands behind their products.


Made in the USA

When you are ready to shop stacking chairs, you should look for companies that manufacture their products in the USA. Wood chairs made in America can be trusted to last for decades and many American companies put a lot of care into sustainable business practices as well.


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