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Joints Matter for Institutional Use

Chair Joints: For strong chairs, look at the joints.


There are several types of wood joints that are in use today. Almost none can guarantee strong chair joints that will never wobble. Our biggest difference from the competition is our proprietary Eustis Joint. The Eustis Joint combines mortise and tenon construction with modern engineering.


Everyone who cares about beautiful and comfortable chairs should also care about how long that chair maintains its beauty and comfort, especially with hardwood seating. Here’s why:


Joints Are What Make or Break the Chair (Literally)


With any wood seating it’s the joints that normally ring the death knell when busted. Joints endure the most strain in chairs. If broken, joints cause the most damage. Consider the people who will be using your seating on a regular basis. You don’t want a chair to suddenly snap under a high weight demand. You do not want a collapse after children have handled the chair roughly. Why risk institutional liability when you don’t have to?


If you’ve ever sat in a wobbly chair, the shaky support is thanks to its loosened joints. For patrons, guests, or students that use your seating, you’ll want chairs with joints that last a lifetime.


Why We Recommend the Eustis Joint


With the Eustis Joint none of your chairs will have loose joinery. There’s no need to deal with a wobbly chair. You don’t need to pay for furniture repairs. You do not have to replace seating altogether. They’re made to best express the inherent beauty of the wood used to create the chair (see photo).

The Eustis Joint is stronger than virtually every other joint. It has superior tensile strength and high viscosity. In layman’s terms, tensile strength measures how long materials can withstand stress. Viscosity is how you measure the glue’s resistance to degrading over time. Each chair’s joint includes steel rods and aerospace-grade epoxy. This results in joints don’t wear down even after decades – NOT years – of daily use. Our joints last longer than even the wood itself!


Extra Benefits and Capabilities


For a myriad of reasons, the Eustis Joint enables us to remain environmentally friendly, using renewable resources to craft unbeatable seating. Because this joint holds the chair together for so much longer, which prevents our chairs from becoming scrap, every institution with our seating has a smaller environmental footprint. Our joint also enables our stacking chair line, as the tensile stress from stacking the chairs won’t cause them to break.


You could say we’re passionate about seating durability. We are one of the only institutional wood chair companies that talk about joints, and can walk our clients through the advantages something as overlooked as joinery will offer. In fact, we can best meet your interior design vision as our strong hardwood chairs don’t require traditional construction elements for support, such as stretchers or nails, and only ever include them for a detailed aesthetic. You can see a slew of examples in Our Chairs, or contact us for more guides on design options. Happy joining!

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