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somerset stacking chapel chair

Chapel Chairs

In recent years, a quiet revolution has been taking place in chapels across the United States and Canada. Gone are the days of traditional pews, as more and more chapels are embracing the versatility and elegance of wooden stacking chairs. But why the shift? What makes stacking chairs the new go-to choice for chapel seating?


Practicality Meets Tradition: The Appeal of Stacking Chairs


The answer lies in their practicality and timeless appeal. Stacking chairs offer unparalleled ease in storage, setup, and takedown for events of all kinds. Whether it’s a wedding, a funeral service, or a community gathering, chapel organizers appreciate the convenience and flexibility that stacking chairs provide.


But it’s not just about convenience. Wooden stacking chairs also exude a sense of traditional elegance that echoes the solemnity and reverence of chapel settings. They seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of any sacred space, offering both comfort and sophistication to congregants and visitors alike.


Craftsmanship and Durability: The Eustis Chair Advantage


At Eustis Chair, we take pride in crafting stacking hardwood chairs that marry form and function with unparalleled craftsmanship. Central to our chairs’ design is our patented joinery, which allows them to stack without sacrificing stability or durability. Each chair is meticulously constructed by our skilled craftsmen, who reinforce them with steel rods and inject retrograde epoxy for added strength and resilience.


A Testament to Excellence: The Harris Funeral Home Case Study


One of our satisfied clients, Steve Harris, the second-generation owner of Harris Funeral Home in London, Ontario, Canada, sought to upgrade his chapel seating to reflect the utmost elegance and comfort. Upon discovering our extensive line of stacking hardwood chairs, Steve was impressed by the variety and quality of options available. After careful consideration, he selected the Somerset chair for its simple yet refined elegance and exceptional comfort.


What sealed the deal for Steve and his committee was the Somerset’s ability to stack, further enhancing its appeal for their chapel space. As we continue to expand our presence in chapels, we look forward to collaborating with more facilities like Harris Funeral Home to elevate their chapel seating to new heights of excellence and sophistication.


Setting a Standard of Excellence: The Eustis Chair Promise


With a 20-year warranty against joint failure, we stand behind the quality and durability of our chairs, ensuring that they will endure for generations to come. At Eustis Chair, we’re not just revolutionizing chapel seating – we’re setting a new standard of excellence in craftsmanship and design that reverberates throughout the sacred spaces we serve.

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