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Recently, chapels across the US (and Canada!) are starting to upgrade their chapels. Chapels are getting rid of their traditions pews and ordering wooden stacking chairs. Why? Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events. Hardwood chairs also provide the same traditional elegance that pews provide. In addition, our chairs are able stack because of our patented joinery. Our craftsman construct all of our chairs with steel rods for stability and inject each chair with retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. In addition, each of our chairs with a Eustis Joint come with a 20 year warranty projecting against joint failure. In fact, we ensure that the hardwood will break before the joint ever does!

Steve Harris, second generation owner of Harris Funeral Home in London, Ontario, Canada was looking to upgrade his chapel. He wanted the most elegant and comfortable chapel chairs. Later, he found us on the web. Steve was very impressed with the variety of stacking hardwood chairs in our line. After much deliberation, he chose the Somerset for its simple elegance and its great comfort. The Somerset’s ability to stack put the committee over the edge. Hopefully we will work with Canada based facilities more in the future! 

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