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Custom Benches by Eustis Chair

Elevating Spaces: Eustis Chair’s Custom Wood Benches at Pembroke Hill School


In the pursuit of creating inviting and functional spaces, Pembroke Hill School turned to the expertise of Eustis Chair to enhance their dining and athletics areas. The result? Seven exquisite hardwood Westminster benches, two featuring cushioned tops for the dining hall, and six sturdy benches with solid legs, proudly engraved with the school’s initials for their athletics area.


Dining Hall Transformation: The Westminster Benches


The heart of any school is its communal spaces, and Pembroke Hill School understands the significance of a welcoming dining hall. Eustis Chair responded to this need with the creation of seven Westminster benches, meticulously crafted from hardwood. The timeless design of the Westminster bench brings an air of sophistication to the dining area, creating an atmosphere that encourages connection and conversation.


Two of these benches are adorned with cushioned tops, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also an extra layer of comfort for students and faculty. The thoughtful design ensures that these benches seamlessly integrate into the overall ambiance of the dining hall, contributing to a space that fosters community and shared moments.


Athletics Area Enhancement: Custom Wood Benches with School Spirit


Moving beyond the dining hall, Eustis Chair extended our craftsmanship to Pembroke Hill School’s athletics area. Six benches, characterized by solid legs, were created to withstand the demands of an active environment. What sets these benches apart is the personalized touch – each bench proudly showcases the school’s initials, laser engraved with precision.


These personalized benches not only provide functional seating but also instill a sense of school spirit and pride in the athletics area. The durable construction ensures longevity, with the engraved initials serving as a constant reminder of the school’s commitment to excellence.


A Marriage of Craftsmanship and Functionality


Eustis Chair’s custom wood benches at Pembroke Hill School exemplify the marriage of craftsmanship and functionality. Whether in the bustling dining hall or the energetic athletics area, these benches not only serve their purpose but elevate the overall experience for students, faculty, and visitors alike. The thoughtful design, quality materials, and personalized touches contribute to the creation of spaces that go beyond mere utility, embodying the spirit and identity of Pembroke Hill School.

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