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University Club Chair

Buffalo Club

Chippendale Dining Chairs

The Buffalo Club came to us with an exciting renovation project. They desired to upgrade their facilities for the benefit of their members. The club wanted to create a more luxurious space.  Their high use space, of course, needed needs to withstand the daily wear and tear of their dining space. With our patented joinery, this necessity was no problem at all. 

The Buffalo is a city club with a long tradition. Former United States President, Millard Fillmore, founded the Buffalo Club in 1867. Furthermore, 92 other prominent gentlemen helped bring the club to life. The community members respect the facility for its historical roots.  

The clubhouse is an elegant mansion. Owners purchased it in 1887 for the intention to turn it into a community destination. Therefore they turned it into an elegant club and an ideal setting for fine Chippendale dining chairs. They were excited to learn about our stacking chairs. General Manager Dan Franklin was delighted to learn that our University Club chair stacks 6-8 high, making it perfect for storage. All of our chairs with a Eustis Joint construction come with a 20-year warranty. He ordered 60 chairs, and we think he will come back for more next year! 

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