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Stacking Library Chair

Los Angeles Library

Stacking Library Chair

Libraries are extremely high use spaces and face a ton of daily wear and tear. No need to worry, your chairs are safe with us. In fact, our mission is to create the most durable, sustainable, and and elegant chair on the market. To accomplish this, we use our patented Eustis Joinery. Our joinery comes complete with steel rods for reinforcement and retrograde epoxy for added stability. The strength of our chairs also allows us to stack our chairs with ease. Most hardwood chairs on the market do not have the strength to withhold this type of weight. However, the Eustis Joint is up to the challenge of a stacking library chair! 

There is a lot less money available these days for new libraries and renovations. Therefore, libraries must seek the highest quality products that will last them the longest use. Moreover, the choice of a reader chair is more critical than ever. The County of Los Angeles Public Library recently chose our Boise sacking library chair for their East Rancho Dominguez Library, as well as for another branch to follow. Their designers liked the clean lines and comfort of the Boise. The committee of the county loved the 20 year warranty and protection against Eustis Joint failure! 

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