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college chair

Cal State University Fresno College

College Chair 

California State University, Fresno, founded in 1911, is also known as Fresno State. It started as a humble teacher’s college. Now it is a large, public institution of higher education. There are about 20,000 students on campus. Located in the middle of California, it is near the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is close enough to spend a weekend in L.A. or San Francisco. It ranks 101 in the top public schools according to US News. Fresno State worked with AC Martin to acquire 3 types of college chair from us.

Fresno State is working on a massive project. This project has been in the works for about a decade. They plan to complete a 250,000 square foot Henry Madden Library soon. In fact, they released the order today for 473 Eustis Chairs for this very project. Eustis Chair worked with Los Angeles architects AC Martin. They reviewed our hardwood chairs. Ultimately, they chose three of our chair options. AC Martin opted for our Fresno, Jenkins and Westlake college chairs. They liked the simple lines. These chairs provide great comfort. In addition, the Fresno comes with the Eustis Joint® guarantee. This guarantee means they will be useful for decades. 

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