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stackable chair

Chubb Center Re-orders Chairs

Stackable chair


We worked with The Chubb Hotel & Conference Center before. In 2007, The Chubb Hotel & Conference Center ordered 275  Merrimac stacking banquet chairs. These chairs fit their function space perfectly. They made the right choice when it comes to a stackable chair. The club patrons appreciate the elegance of the space. The comfort of the chairs should not be discounted either. Hardwood chairs are great for people with back issues. They offer superior comfort that cannot be beat.


The dining staff loves the light weight and ease of chair stacking. Stackable chairs make clean-up a breeze! They are also beneficial for storage reasons. The chairs easily move around the room for different setups. Imagine all the possibilities. They are truly endless.

To our delight, the Center ordered another 100 chairs today. They requested delivery early next year. We are excited to get to work. We are always happy to work with another happy repeat customer!


View our Fine Dining and Banquet Installations to see additional photos of this and similar projects. We hope you like what you see. Please contact us with all your design ideas for future renovations at your club. We hope to hear from you soon.

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