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Towson University Newell Dining Hall

Collegiate Gothic Style Hardwood Chair


Collegiate gothic style hardwood chairs are in style! Universities all around the country enjoy this caught after look. Similarly, the some of the most prestigious institutions across the United States (and the rest of the world) enjoy this design. Collegiate Gothic is a nod to historical in many of the universities, public and private. Towson university, a collegiate gothic style university, came to us with a renovation project. Towson is also an established public university. Like many public universities, Towson has several beautiful older buildings. Traditional furniture helps to tie the design together and display the school’s history.


In addition, when school administrators began planning the renovation of the Newell Dining Hall, they decided to look for an elegant collegiate Gothic style hardwood chair. They looked long and hard for the perfect chair. Similarly, not just any chair would suit their needs! Their final choice was our Taft stacking chair. The Taft provided the perfect mix of durable and traditional. The Taft was was also recently chosen for fraternity house renovations. These renovations include Indiana University Bloomington, and Cornell University. In addition, The Taft chair stacks six to eight chairs high, and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty.

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