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Mount Vernon Ladies Association

Event Chair


Eustis Chairs were built for elegant spaces. Also, the prestige of a hardwood chair is universal. A plastic or metal chair in a high end space would just look out of place! Dozens of prestigious private clubs and dining spaces house our elegant wood chairs. We believe the chairs complete the room!


Recently, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association reached out desiring a beautiful wood chair. The Mount Vernon Ladies Association was founded in 1853. A women named Ann Pamela Cunningham of Rosemont Plantation in South Carolina founded the association. In addition, the club is extremely prestigious and exclusive due to its historical roots. The club was originally founded to preserve the deteriorating home of our first President, George Washington. In fact, the George Washington originally owned the Mount Vernon Estate. Similarly, the Ladies Association is a non-profit.  


The association’s members are a distinguished group of women. Even 150 years later, these women still work together to preserve and maintain George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Local famed designer Michael Roberson chose our Claremont event chair for the renovation of the Frances P. Bolton Room. Furthermore, the elegant Claremont dining chair fit in beautifully.  The Frances P. Boston Room is the most celebrated room in Mount Vernon. M.V.L.A members from every state gather monthly to further their worthy cause.

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