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Suffolk County Courthouse

Courthouse Chair

Five years of renovations to the nineteenth century Suffolk County Superior Courthouse in Boston are nearing completion. Furthermore, the 100 year-old courtrooms were equipped today with new chairs built by Eustis Chair. The Suffolk courthouse chair pictured at the top is an exact replica of the chairs installed in this venerable building in the late 1800’s. We were happy to recreate the old Suffolk County chair. In fact, most of the chairs in our line were created because of a customer request. Though it takes a little more time to build a chair from scratch, customers are always extremely happy with the finished product. In the courthouses case, their old chairs were falling apart. Their joints were wearing out and breaking at the points of pressure. Therefore, we built their new chairs with our patented Eustis Joint®.

Our unmatched joinery is the most durable on the market. We make our chairs with steel rods to support the joints and inject each chair with retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. We design all of our chairs for daily wear and tear in mind. In addition, each chair with a Eustis Joint comes with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure. 

These new chairs should last for another hundred years! 

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