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University Library Chairs

Bridgewater State University issued its purchase order today for 88 Charleston chairs for the first phase of its major project. The renovation is for Bridgewater’s Maxwell Library renovation. The Purchasing people at Bridgewater State were very pleased to purchase these elegant and durable university library chairs. Furthermore, they purchased them through Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium. This avoided the many pitfalls of public bidding.

The buying committee had some specific criteria for their new chairs. They wanted the chairs to be both durable, elegant, and comfortable. We easily check off the box for durable. Furthermore, we craft most of our chairs with steel rods in the joints for stability. We also inject each joint with retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. The second criteria was elegant. Hardwood chairs are the most elegant chairs you can buy. Furthermore, plastic chairs and metal chairs just will not do the trick. Lastly, comfort is our main priority. We craft our chairs with comfortable angles and keep back support in mind. We can make almost every chair with an upholstered seat and back. 

 View our Academic Library Chair Installations page to see more photos of this and other similar projects. Or, contact us with any questions! 

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