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custom chair

Southern Oregon University

Custom Chair

Southern Oregon University is amazing. Ashland, Oregon is truly a magical place. In fact, the town is a finalist for best town in America! There is a rich history of tourism in the area. The Rogue Valley presents numerous entertainment options. The outdoor experiences are one of a kind. Breathtaking is the best word to describe this area. Eustis Chair loved working with Southern Oregon University. We designed a new custom chair for this project. 
Southern Oregon University searched high and low for seven months for a hardwood chair company. Today they decided to place an order for a custom chair. Eustis Chair designed and manufactured this chair for their library renovation project. After rejecting off-the-shelf chairs from Eustis and several other manufacturers, they knew what to do. The SOU selection committee along with Portland, Oregon architects SRG Partnership, developed a design concept. This design led to the Oregon Chair (pictured on the right).
Clearly, the clean lines and elegant comfort of this chair would not have been possible without our patented Eustis Joint®. In fact, it is a system using concealed steel rods and space-age epoxies. Indeed, this creates a joint that is stronger than the hardwood itself.
We are currently in discussions for the purchase of 550 of this new custom chair. In fact, we will deliver the chairs in four phases between October of this year and January of 2005. In conclusion, we are excited.

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