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Phillips Exeter Academy Chapel Pew

Phillips Exeter Academy celebrated the reopening tonight of its 106 year old Phillips Church, the culmination of a 5 year restoration project. The 300 guests enjoyed the comfort and elegance of their surrounding seated in the unique Exeter Modular Pew. These elegant, interlocking, stacking pew chairs, modeled after those in the Washington National Cathedral, have the traditional look and feel of church pews, including a hymnal slot in the back of each chair. As elegant as they are when laid out in rows, the real beauty of these chairs is that they can be quickly disassembled, stacked, and moved in order to reconfigure the chapel for its various uses. Like our other stackable hardwood chairs, the Exeter Modular Pew is engineered with our patented Eustis Joint™, to create a distinctive chair that can truly meet the test of time. 

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