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Rhodes College

Custom Library Chair

Custom Library Chair

Rhodes College is proud of their traditional elegance. Moreover, they have designed their campus to be in the collegiate  Gothic style.  Therefore,  for this project, the committee challenged their architects, Shepley Bulfinch, to find the perfect chair. The brand new chair is for their new Barrett Library. The committee knew the task of finding the perfect chair would be challenging.

After a six month search, Shepley’s designers chose Eustis Chair to fulfill their project. They chose our elegant Federal Reserve Chair for their custom library chair. This chair is not only “drop-dead” gorgeous and comfortable. In fact, the comfort of their library chair was won them over. They also loved that our chairs stack. We are some of the only hardwood chair manufacturers that make stacking chairs. Stacking chairs are perfect for libraries because of their ease in storage, set up, and take down for different events. the stacking capability is made possible because of our patented joinery. Our joinery is made of steel rods and retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. In addition, to our Eustis Joint®, all chairs comes with a 20-year warranty protecting against joint failure. The hardwood will likely break before the joints ever do!

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