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Concord Public Library

Library Renovation

Library Renovation

The town of Concord, Massachusetts takes its history very seriously. Therefore, the choice of furnishings for The Concord Free Public Library renovation and expansion was very important. The committee chose Boston architect Johnson Roberts Associates. They also worked with OSO interiors. After much deliberation, they chose Eustis Chair to provide their chairs. The library decided to go with two of our most traditional designs, the Ivy League and the Federal Reserve

Both chairs are celebrated for their comfort, durability, and elegance. In fact, our mission is to create the most comfortable and durably constructed chairs that also fit in seamlessly with any elegant venue. We have a wide range of chairs in our collection. Furthermore, we design chairs based on the needs of different institutions. Many of our chairs are perfect for libraries, others perfect for dining rooms, and others for study rooms. However, all of chairs have one thing in common- their durability. We construct all of our chairs with steel rods in the the joints in the legs for stability. We also inject retrograde epoxy in each joint for reinforcement. Furthermore, we guarantee our chairs will last a lifetime. To ensure that, we have granted a 2o year warranty protecting against joint failure to every one of our chairs. 

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