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Wooden Library Chair

King County Library

Wooden Library Chair

We owe a lot of our early success to libraries! Libraries are the perfect high use space. Furthermore, library furniture gets hit with a lot of daily wear and tear. Of course, libraries want to be able to house hundreds of people per day without worrying about furniture damage. We decided to solve that problem decades ago. We crafted the most durable chair joinery on the market. In addition, our chairs contain steel rods for stability and retrograde epoxy for reassurance to bind. Our chairs with our Eustis Joint also come with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure. In fact, the joints are so strong that the hardwood will most likely break before the joint ever does! 

The King County Library System came to us with an exciting renovation project. King County is located in Washington State. Moreover, they are renovating two of their branches. Management recently chose our Northampton wooden library chair for Algona Pacific branch in Pacific, WA and Richmond Beach branch in Shoreline, WA. The librarians chose our chair for its comfort, great looks, and durability. In the end, the Purchasing Department was swayed by 20 year warranty and long lasting Eustis Joinery. We hope to work with them sometime soon! 

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