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custom wood chairs

Choosing the Right Wood Chair Finish

Custom Wood Chairs Finish


One of the most attractive features of custom wood chairs is that they come in gorgeous colors. These include the intricate swirls and wood patterns from the tree rings they were harvested from. Choosing the best color for your wood chairs is made easy with our finishing options.


Natural Stain


Because every Eustis Chair is made to order, we can build your seating with a variety of hardwood species; some of the most popular choices include beech, cherry, and white oak. Each hardwood species has its own distinct, natural look that distinguishes it from all others. There could be a certain hardwood species whose coloring complements your architecture and design; if so, retaining its natural color is a fine choice.


Standard Stain


In the long history of woodworking, there have been several developed types of stain colors. In fact, wood furniture isn’t truly complete without a stain applied, as this stain protects the wood from absorbing water, dirt, and other undesirables over time. Stain also enhances the appearance of the wood, which can best display the wood grain or add tones of color.


We offer a handful of standard stain colors for American ash, beech, cherry, red oak, and quarter-sawn white oak. Each stain color has a different effect on the wood, so we generally send out samples to be review by your facilities or design teams.


Custom Stain


Several dining rooms and function halls have wood detailing that they’d like to have match the furniture. Thanks to our customization options, we can offer custom stain colors for all Eustis Chairs without an up-charge. As long as we have a stain sample, we can match your exact millwork or furniture – like tables – manufactured by other companies.




We have some clients, such as the Otesaga Resort Hotel (pictured above), that request a paint finish for their seating. Several layers of paint on a hardwood chair produces a creamy finish to the chair that hides its wood grains and texture. With thin layers of paint, however, the grain and texture can show through for a dramatic look.


More Options for Custom Wood Chairs


Further modifications can include distressing, which will give your custom wood chair finish a weather-worn look, or finishes, which will give the wood either a glossy or matte coating. There’s even an option to combine hardwood species and finishes in a chair as the design allows; our best chair for this is the Northampton, which offers a study in contrasts for eye-catching beauty.


Thanks to over thirty years in the business, we’ve seen it all and can guide you through the choices available in wood finishing. Since Eustis Chairs will last for decades in your fine institution, you’ll want to make sure you like your custom wood chair finish.

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