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New Dartmouth Custom Wood Furniture


The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth has about 8500 students from 47 states. Opened in 1895 as the New Bedford Textile School, the university has a long and storied history. The school trains a lot of new scholars each year. They even conduct $26.6 million in research annually. Eustis Chair loves to work with universities and colleges. We made custom wood furniture for the school to utilize.

Eustis Chair designed the new Dartmouth contemporary wood chair. We worked in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth for this project. This chair is modern and lightweight. As always, we make comfortable and durable custom wood furniture.

The Dartmouth chair is the wood slat back version of our upholstered back Jenkins chair. Both chairs share the same chair geometry and patented Eustis Joint® construction. This makes for unmatched durability. Each chair is made to order from your choice of hardwood. We can make the seat from wood or make a cushioned seat. This chair comes with or without arms. We custom stain these to match your tables or millwork. In addition, we manufacture all our chairs in our United States chair factory.

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