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Dining Hall Chairs

Skidmore College

Dining Hall Chairs

Let us paint a picture. You walk into a beautiful dining hall in a collegiate gothic style and what do you see? Plastic and metal chairs! Not acceptable. Who wants to sit on cold hard plastic? We’d rather sit in in a comfortable hardwood chair specifically crafted for back support and good posture. 

We know dining hall face much wear and tear from extreme use. Furthermore, dining halls typically serve thousands of students and staff per day! Therefore, these chairs cannot afford to break. Otherwise, where would people sit? We specifically craft our chairs with our patented joinery. Our joinery strong enough to lean back in because it is made with steel rods and retrograde epoxy. 

Skidemore college reached out to us with a renovation project. Architect Michael Cohen of Elkus Manfredi Architects, the project’s architect, had prior experience with our Charleston chair. Therefore, they urged his client, Skidmore College, to work with Eustis Chair. While the elegance and 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure were factors in their decision, the comfort of the Charleston chair was what ultimately tipped the final choice. The Charleston  is our most successful dining hall chairs. We have installed the chair in 35 libraries around the US, and one in Spain! 

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