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Burton Judson Court

Dining Hall Renovation


We are proud to be building our second chair order for the University of Chicago. The University of Chicago is renovating its Burton-Judson Court’s Dining Hall this summer. They loved our dining hall chairs so much that they decided to come back for more! When they came back, they praised our chairs for their durability and timeless elegance. Furthermore, the first chairs withstood all the daily wear and tear of thousands of students. Thanks to our patented joinery, seating for high-use spaces is possible. Therefore, our chairs are successful because we use steel rods and retrograde epoxy for stability. 


Our first installation at The University of Chicago was 560 Bartlett Hall stacking chairs in 2001 in the Bartlett Commons Dining Hall. In 2009, the University came back to us for 325 stacking chairs for the dining hall renovation at Burton-Judson Courts. This year, they are adding another 218 Burton Judson stacking chairs for the same facility. Furthermore, stacking chairs are a great option for dining halls. Stacking chairs provide ease with storage, set up, and take down from events. Good follow-up service has helped bring them back to Eustis Chair, but the real key is the durability of our stacking hardwood dining hall chairs, engineered with the patented Eustis Joint®. 

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