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Traditional Schoolhouse Chair

Episcopal High School

Traditional Schoolhouse Chair

The Harkness style has become extremely popular in recent years. In fact, boarding and prep schools around the country are embracing this style. Harkness is a teaching style of collaboration and deep communication within students and staff. In addition, the method helps children learn better from each other and allows each child to be heard.  Therefore, experts created the Harkness table to aid in elaborate discussions. However, due to the design of the elegant table, prep schools are looking for chairs that match. Furthermore, schools want chairs that fit with the table in terms of stains, style, and comfort. 

For this Harkness project, we worked with Centerbrook Architects. Centerbook is located in Connecticut.  They were also the designers for Episcopal High School’s Harkness project.  Moreover, Episcopal High is located in  Richmond, VA. They chose  our classic Oberlin chair featuring traditional schoolhouse chair design. The Oberlin fits perfectly for the style and durability for the Harkness discussion style classrooms in their new building. This chair was designed in 2002 for Oberlin College, and has proven its ability to hold up to decades of hard use. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide prep and boarding schools traditional Harkenss chairs!

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