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Funeral Home Hardwood Chairs: Order Placed

Eustis Chair Manufactures Funeral Home Chairs


Eustis Chair manufactures the best stacking and non-stacking hardwood chairs on the market. We make chairs for many different industries, including funeral homes. We are delighted to make a new batch of chairs for Dolan Funeral Home to update their space. 


About Dolan Funeral Home


Dolan Funeral Home is located in historic Chelmsford, MA. It is a family-run funeral home that opened in 1974. They actively work to serve all people, religions, and beliefs to create a welcoming space to compassionately honor the lives of loved ones. 


Eustis Chair originally met with the fine folks at the Dolan Funeral Home in 2017 at the National Funeral Directors Conference. Recently, we reconnected with our contacts at Dolan Funeral Home, as they are now ready to update their existing space with brand new hardwood funeral home chairs in late 2020. 


Why Eustis Chair?


We believe funeral homes are important spaces which require sturdy chairs to support visitors during challenging times. The last thing anyone should be worrying about in difficult times is a wobbly, uncomfortable chair. Chairs made by Eustis Chair offer both elegance and comfort. The 20-year warranty that comes with every Eustis Chair product ensures they will be around to support visitors to decades to come.


The Dolan Funeral Home looked through our chair options. They ultimately decided to order Somerset chairs to match their space. We added an inch to the front to make a roomier and more comfortable chair for their visitors. 


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We are so excited to see the Somerset chairs once they arrive in their new home. Eustis Chair looks forward to building strong hardwood chairs that last for this and any other funeral home clients. If you have a need for hardwood chairs, no matter what industry you work in, contact us today to discuss your design vision. Eustis Chairs are guaranteed to last decades and withstand the test of time!


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