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Stackable Chairs

The Concord

Hardwood Dining Chair 

This new cross back stacking chair was modeled after a farm house chair design. However, we have refined the look and in true Eustis Chair Style, added elegance. We chose the name in honor of nearby Concord, MA, where the farms are pretty upscale. Our Concord X back stacking chair is the perfect rustic chic chair. It shines as a wedding and bridal chair steeped in pastoral tradition. It also has the additional plus of being a comfortable, lightweight chair that is easy to move around. The cross back, or x-back design, are clean design elements and are the perfect décor in any formal setting. 

The Concord

With a more petite stature than the average seating – measuring in at 34 inches tall – the Concord chair blends seamlessly into any event as a hassle-free component. It is also one of our stacking chairs, which relieves staff of arduous reconfiguration and routine cleaning. The fact that it stacks 6-8 chairs high due to our superior joinery. We construct each joint with steel rods for stability and inject each joint with retrograde epoxy for added durability. It also comes with a 20-year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure. It makes it a real winner for a function space or dining room.

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