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Durable Chairs

Spain Chooses Durable Chairs

Durable Chairs

Eustis chair is a Boston based company. Historically speaking, most of our installations have been to Unite States based libraries, private clubs, and universities. However, we recently completed an installation to Canada, which was our first ‘international order’. Furthermore, to us, international countries seeing and recognizing our company via the internet/our website is very exciting. In addition, we create the most durable chairs in the world.  Now, international institutions are starting to recognize our chairs’ durability, comfort, and elegance. 

For the first time ever, Eustis Chair is taking an order for 50 Charleston durable Chairs to be delivered to Spain. While Eustis Chair has no marketing arm in Europe, American employees of the International Institute in Madrid, Spain knew of our great chairs. They praised them for the chair’s durability, comfort, and ability to fit in seamlessly to high end institutions. The American employees recommended our chairs to the Board for consideration. The board loved the quality of the chairs and praised them for their Eustis Joint 20 year warranty against joint failure. The shipping logistics are not easy. No other manufacturer makes a better chair anywhere in the US or in Europe! Finally, we hope to do more international orders in the future!


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