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Library Chairs

Library Chairs

  • Arts and Crafts Library Chair by Eustis Chair

    Arts and Crafts

  • Ashburnham Library Chair by Eustis Chair


  • bainbridge island stacking chair

    Bainbridge Island

  • Boise Chair by Eustis Chair


  • burlingame chair


  • Burton Judson Chair by Eustis Chair

    Burton Judson

  • Captain Chair 2 by Eustis Chair

    Captain 2

  • Charleston Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair


  • cotwold chair


  • Cross Campus Chair by Eustis Chair

    Cross Campus

  • wooed tablet chairs

    Cross Campus Tablet

  • Dartmouth

  • elting room chair

    Elting Room

  • Fairfield school chair


  • federal reserve chair

    Federal Reserve

  • fresno chair


  • Harkness school Chair for Harkness Education Model by Eustis Chair

    Harkness Chair

  • the ivy league

    Ivy League

  • Madison Funeral Home Chair


  • medford chair


  • medford stack

    Medford Stack

  • Mid Century Modern Chair

    Mid Century Modern

  • oregon chair


  • risley


  • shop library furniture


  • funeral home hardwood chairs


  • virginian club chair


  • Virginian 2 chair by Eustis Chair

    Virginian 2

  • Widener

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Library Chairs

Library Chairs

University of Wyoming

Library Chairs

University Library chairs face some of the most intense daily wear and tear of any space. The good news is that our chairs are specifically made for high use spaces. Other hardwood chair manufactures’ chairs normally break after 3-5 years due to joint failure. Plus, users definitely cannot lean back in their chairs without added pressure on the joint. However, we designed our patented joinery to last for decades. They are the most durable hardwood chairs on the market! Students can absolutely lean back in our chairs without fear of joint failure. 

For the third time in two years, a state university has chosen Eustis Chair for their major library project. For the University of Wyoming, like the University of Nevada-Reno and Cal State-Fresno, comfort and elegance were important. However, durability was the deciding factor. The durability of our library chairs convinced the University of Wyoming. The university was sick and tired of constantly replacing their chairs because of joint failure. They were also excited to hear that each chair that contains a Eustis Joint comes with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure! We are excited to work with them again in the near future!

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