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durable arm chair

Chippendale Stacking

Durable Hardwood Arm Chair

We craft chairs for general use. However, we also craft chairs with a specific use or space in mind. Furthermore, some of our chairs are perfect for libraries, council rooms, and of course, dining spaces. Dining spaces are near to our hearts as we love elegant hardwood chairs. We created the Claremont for just that purpose in mind. 

The elegant Claremont durable arm chair is the most durable, sustainable, elegant, stacking arm chair available. Each chair is made to order in the U.S.A. The Claremont is a classic Chippendale design chair. It is designed to stack six chairs high, and is built with uncompromising chair construction to last for decades. All of our chairs are crafted with our patented Eustis Joint®. Our Eustis Joint® makes the chair joints the strongest part of the chair. Furthermore, we use steel rods and retrograde epoxy to craft our chairs. The Claremont stacking durable hardwood arm chair is ideal for fine dining, banquet, and restaurant use.  In fact, the Claremont can be made one inch wider, or narrower depending on the table. In addition, all chairs are customizable with a wood or cushioned seat, using any commercially available leather or fabric. Contact us today for pricing or a sample chair.

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