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Echo Lake Country Club

Chippendale-Styled Chairs 


Renovation projects can be long and taxing. Especially renovation projects involving private clubs take u a lot of energy and resources. Most clubs chose to work with an architect or interior designer to mitigate the stress of the managers. With every new renovation comes the need to upgrade and innovate. Furthermore, all clubs desire to be better than before. They want to provide their members with spectacular new spaces and upgrade facilities. Along with this idea, clubs want to create spaces that will last. In many cases, this includes durable furniture for member use. Country clubs often come to us looking for durable yet comfortable and elegant chairs. Of course, we’re happy to provide! 


Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield, NJ found themselves with 4 different chairs in their clubhouse. Furthermore, none of them stacking options. Many were breaking at the joints. They were thrilled to learn of the Claremont Chippendale-styled chairs. This is one of our most popular chair, which has the elegance and comfort demanded by their members. The chair stacks 6-8 high and comes with a 20-year warranty. They ordered 120 chairs to start and will replace the remaining 100 dining chairs later this year.

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