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Durable Hardwood Chairs

Hardwood Chairs

Durable Hardwood Chairs


Boston-based architect Amsler Mashek MacLean recently specified Eustis Chair for two more Massachusetts libraries. These two libraries include Lakeville Public Library and Oak Bluffs Public Library on Martha’s Vineyard. Each library has two or three different chairs with one common thread. All chairs were elegant and durable hardwood chairs built to meet the test of time. 


We love working with architects for libraries. Similarly, libraries are a core part of our business. In fact, our mission is to create elegant-looking chairs that are comfortable and durable enough to last for decades. Libraries are some of the highest-use (and sat in) institutions. Therefore, most publicly funded libraries cannot afford to replace their chairs every couple of years. Most cheaply made hardwood chairs break at the joint from overuse and bad design. However, our chairs are the most durable on the market. We make these chairs with patented mortise and tenon joint technology.


No matter how you phrase it, our joint stability is unmatched. However, no one should forget the comfort of our chairs. We engineer our chairs specifically for comfortable seating for hours of entertainment. 


Please contact us with any questions you may have about any chairs or bar stools in our line!

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