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Library Chairs

Contemporary Library Chairs

Today Spring Hill College ordered 213 Charleston Chairs. Eustis Chair makes these beautiful contemporary library chairs. This order for new library chairs will go into a library on the campus. This project is expected to finish in early July of this year. The architect for this job is Shepley Bulfinch. They recommended our new Charleston model from Eustis Chair. Our competitors were also vying for this job with their competing hardwood chairs. Eustis Chair got the contract, and we are so excited. We know these chairs will stand the test of time. We even guarantee it with our warranty. Our competitors cannot say the same. 

The Charleston is a contemporary interpretation of a classic “schoolhouse” design. The difference in this chair is we build it with no stretchers in place. This chair is simple and pretty to behold. The chair is also strong. The strength of this (and all our designs) is made possible by the patented Eustis Joint®. The joint is revolutionary chair technology. It is only available at Eustis Chair! What a deal. 

View photos of this library chair installation and other similar projects in our Academic Library Installations page. We would love to work with you on your next project as well. 

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