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Jenkins chairs

Wheaton Public Library

Third Major Library Selects the Jenkins Durable Library Chair

Bids were awarded today for 184 Jenkins chairs to be manufactured for the expansion/renovation of the Wheaton Public Library. Furthermore, Wheaton Public Library is located in Wheaton, IL. Library personnel first saw the Jenkins Chair at the 2005 ALA conference. They loved the chairs’ simple elegance. Later, they asked their architects, Dewberry, to look into this unique chair. After several months of deliberations, the durable library chairs were finally ordered this week. 

The library coordinators praised the chair for its comfort and durability. However, the biggest selling point was our patented Eustis Joint. We make our chair joints with steel rods for stability and retrograde epoxy for added reinforcement. This allow the joint to be the strongest part of the chair. In fact, after decades of use, the hardwood itself will more likely give out before the joint does! In addition, all of our chairs with the Eustis Joint come with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure. 

Libraries are a core part of our business. Furthermore, our mission is to create durable yet sustainable stacking and non stacking hardwood chairs. We love creating beautiful chairs for high use spaces, including libraries! Hopefully we will work with Wheaton again in the near future. 

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