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wooden arm chair

Best Stacking Wooden Arm Chair

Wooden Arm Chair

The Merrimac arm chair leads the industry in both durability and stackability. These components make it the best stacking wooden arm chair available. It aligns perfectly with our mission–to create the most durable, sustainable, and comfortable hardwood chairs on the market. Our Merrimac arm chair stacks up to ten chairs high, and staff can easily move the chairs our custom chair transporter. Our stacking chairs are some of our most popular chairs. Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events for facility staff. Furthermore, stacking chairs have become an extremely popular option because they are both convenient and extremely elegant. 

Thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® technology, our chairs comes with an unheard of Twenty Year Warranty against joint failure. Furthermore, we craft all of our chairs with steel rods for added reinforcement and retrograde epoxy for added stability. In addition, each Merrimac stacking arm chair is made in the USA from your choice of sustainable hardwood and upholstery, and is custom stained to match your tables, room, or millwork. Customers can also customize the style. Contact us today to learn more about our chairs, pricing, or to request a sample.

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