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First United Methodist of Fort Worth

Elegant Church Chair

Churches across the United States are making the switch from pews to chairs. Why? Because of their convenience and elegance. It’s no secret that wooden pews are out dated. However, hardwood chairs are just the rave this season. All of our chairs are completely customizable. Our clients chose the model, hardwood, stain, and even upholstery fabric. In addition, churches are now choosing stacking hardwood chairs for their beautiful finish and ease in set up and take down for events. Stackable chairs are also way easier to store. 

The First United Methodist Church came to use with a church renovation project. Renovations to the elegant 1929 First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas began recently. The renovation focused on the choir area. The church’s staff sought a stacking chair that could offer comfort and traditional elegance for their beautiful church. However, they also liked the convince of the chairs stacking capability. Our State stacking wood  elegant church chair was the perfect fit. The chairs will be built in White Oak and stained to match the 85 year-old millwork. The State chair is engineered with the proprietary Eustis Joint®, and comes with an unparalleled 20 year warranty. We hope to work with United Methodist again soon! 

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