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Duquesne Club

Wood Dining Chair

Private clubs are a core component of our business. We live for the photos of the club renovation’s final product. Furthermore, one of the reasons we love private clubs so much is their dining facilities. Clubs are always working to upgrade their facilities. Their goal is always to improve their members’ experiences and better themselves. Dining facilities are one of members’ favorite attractions. Therefore, dining facilities are are some of the highest use spaces in the club. Moreover, high use spaces require extremely durable chairs that will withstand daily wear and tear. Luckily, our patented Eustis Joint provides unmatched durability and 20 year warranty against Eustis Joint failure. 

The Duquesne Club came to us with an exciting dining renovation project. The club was founded in 1873. Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Club is one of America’s preeminent and most respected private city clubs. They wanted a durable yet elegant hardwood chair for their new dining facility. Therefore, they chose our Grill Room wood dining chair to replace all 175 dining chairs in the elegant main dining room. Moreover, the Grill Room chair was chosen for its supreme comfort and traditional elegance, right down to the 245 brass furniture nails. In addition, the Eustis Joint® construction and 20 year warranty made the final choice that much easier! 

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