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Stacking Dining Chair

Elite Stacking Dining Chair

An elite stacking dining chair is all the rage…trust us. Stacking chairs have recently become extremely popular for institutions with high-use spaces. Some of these spaces include university dining halls, libraries, and fine dining event spaces. Furthermore, hardwood chairs provide traditional elegance to every space. Hardwood stacking chairs, however, provide ease in storage, set up, and stack down for events. How do our wood chairs support the weight of the stack? We design the highest-quality joinery on the market. We craft all of our chairs with steel rods for stability and inject them with retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. 


Bay Colony Community Association’s CEO Mike Nelson found us on the web and reached out for help with a special project. He quickly noticed our Saint Martin stacking dining chair and thought it was the perfect fit. The chair was perfect for the formal dining area at his beach club in Naples, FL. Once he received the sample chair, he and his staff compared our sample chair with the others that were presented. The elegance and functionality of our stacking chair clinched the deal. Furthermore, they loved the durability and elegance of the Saint Martin. We hope to work with Bay Colony in the future! 

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