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Dining and Banquet Chair

New Chippendale Chair

Dining and Banquet Chair

We recently designed the New Saint Martin chair. The stacking Saint Martin dining and banquet chair employs class and traditional Chippendale design elements. The Chippendale design has stood the test of time for centuries. Furthermore, the Chippendale style is aptly named after the London street Thomas Chippendale. Chippendale was used for his workshop from 1754 until 1813.

The Saint Martin chair is sustainably custom made to order in our US workshop. All of our chairs are made from any commercially available fabric and hardwood specie. In addition, all chairs can be custom stained to match your tables or millwork. Like all of our stacking chairs, the St. Martin Chair stacks 8 chairs high. Furthermore, many institutions are now looking for stacking chairs. Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events.

In addition, we make each of our chairs with our patented joinery. We reinforce all of our chairs with steel rods and retrograde epoxy for stability. which makes that chair joints stronger than the hardwood used to build the chair. In fact, our joinery makes our chair joints stronger than the hardwood used to build the chair. All of our chairs with a Eustis Joint, including the Saint Martin, come with an unmatched 20 year warranty against joint failure thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® technology. 

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