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Eustis Chair Joinery Doubles Warranty

Chair Joinery

We have been talking for a long time about the durability of our chair joinery. As you can see in the picture above, our chairs sure can withstand a lot. Our founder, Fred Eustis, is infamous for standing on the legs of our chairs. Furthermore, he does this demonstration at trade shows to show just how durable our chairs are. Of course, this startles people walking by. The always wonder how the chair can withstand the weight of a fully grown man. Furthermore, as young kids, we were always taught to never lean back on the back two legs of the chair. However, with the strength of our chairs, its not only possible, but something that happens in our office every day!

Our new warranty policy truly reflects our confidence in the joinery and chairs we build. The standard Eustis Chair warranty is now for 10 years; and our patented Eustis Joints® are now warranted for an unprecedented 20 years! We craft our joints with steel rods inserted in each joint for stability. In addition, we also inject retrograde epoxy to each joint for added reinforcement. 

We are confident in our chairs’ ability to withstand the daily wear and wear of any institution or facility. 

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